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corporate events

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Cowgirl Re-Union

Founded in 2015, the Cowgirl Re-Union is a horse women's retreat that since 2017 has found its home at 7 half Diamond Ranch and horsewoman, Stefanie Travers at the helm, and bringing a strong team of co-facilitators.

The 'Re-Union' holds as it's vision that there's something about horses that connects, opens, creates safety and deepens our lives and yet challenges us to find that better version of ourselves. Our busy, stress filled modern world's have often cut us off from ourselves, our horses and other women, when historically women's interconnections were rich and woven tightly together. This retreat has a truly undeniably unique way to kind of 'get in there and stir things up a bit' while layered upon fun, incredible, lasting friendships, expanded relationships with our beloved horses and awakening a renewed sense of self. All ages above 16, and riding abilities…even if you don't currently ride with injuries or fear based reasons. We've had all sorts!

The most often heard statement at the end of the week is " This has been utterly life-changing."
This year's Re-Union runs July 20-24 and more information can easily be found at

Or on Facebook at…The Cowgirl Re-Union.


Miles Kingdon has made a living off horseback for over 40 years; from cowboying to cowboss of some of the largest cattle ranches in BC. Miles bases his riding on the Californio style of horsemanship, riding from the jaquima to the bridle. He now offers workshops on horsemanship, stockmanship, handling cattle, and ranch roping. He willingly passes on his knowledge, gained from decades of experience in the saddle, in a comfortable, easy to grasp manner; helping riders to gain confidence, to learn to prepare their horses and to understand how to communicate to the horse through his feet.