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Chris Taneda, Kelowna B.C.

I am usually good at keeping secrets. Unfortunately, I have been asked to give a testimonial for Seven Half Diamond Ranch and Batstone Lake. I feel obligated to write this because Jim and Heather are such great people and fantastic hosts. I was introduced to this lake in 2007. Batstone Lake is an incredible fishery. A good day at Batstone can be a fly fisherman’s dream. The fish are available but not easy.

Fishing is like a meditation to me and the scenery around this beautiful lake has everything to calm that spirit. Except for the huge fish. One actually made me holler as it shot into the air above my float tube and then landed on my apron and skidded back into the water to take another run off the reel. The first day on the lake I pumped 3 fish. Each one was feasting on totally different menus. While sitting over a ledge I cast into the shallows with my wet line. After a couple of strips the surface of the water erupted. If that wasn’t enough for the heart, my chironomid line shot off in the other direction. Interestingly, my fishing partners {one of them, Nick from Trout Waters} were catching with totally different methods. 

After a day of releasing 5 to 8 pound hogs, you can relax in really nice accommodations. Sometimes fishing lodge cabins are described as rustic. We all know what that means. Jim and Heather have built cabins that make you want to stay longer than you should. Heather is very fastidious and the cabins are spotless.

Well the secret is out. Just keep it to your good friends and ones that you know will enjoy something special.


Chris Taneda

Brian Lundin, Portfolio Manager, Vancouver B.C.

My family and I have been frequent visitors to 7 Half Diamond Ranch over the last 6 years and we can't wait to return. The accommodations are clean, private and well maintained. Arriving at the ranch gate, the stress of our daily lives seem to drop away and we can focus on having fun. Whether it is fly fishing in Ranch's private lake for trophy 10lb rainbows or enjoying the miles of trails perfect for walking, mountain biking or horseback riding we are never disappointed. The O'Connor's have a special place.

Brian Lundin

Kerry Klamut, Investment Advisor, Penticton B.C.

I have been coming to 7 1/2 Diamond Ranch for the past 5 - 6 years, now about 4 X annually. Absolutely everything about the Ranch, from the setting, exquisite fishing, tranquility, accommodation and the hosts, Jim and Heather, are an eleven out of ten.

Kerry Klamut

Nick Pace, Trout Waters Fly & Tackle, Kelowna B.C.

When staying at Seven Half Diamond Ranch the moment you drive onto the property you know you’re in for an adventure. The lake offers many opportunities to fish the different styles of fly fishing from the lake structure to the insect life. Over the years I have found each time I have guided, taught or flyfished for personal use, the quality has been above many of our trophy trout lakes here in BC. As for the cabins and ranch itself, you can't ask for better accommodations. The O'Connor family are truly great hosts and it's been a pleasure knowing them over the years.